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Two more weeks :-)

Well two more weeks and a few hours :-)

I can't wait. It will be nice to see Ronnie in the flesh again. It is hard being this far apart from him even if I do get to hear him sleep through the headphones.

I want to be able to hold him again.

The trip there should be interesting. I will be meeting a couple from KY during the layover in Amsterdam. She met her husband on a chat group, he is from Scotland and she brought him to the US. They have been married for 9 years now.

They almost were going to be on the same flight to Glasgow with me but found a flight to Aberdeen. Ronnie does not get to meet them oh well.

We were all at a dance on SL when the husband started talking about going home for xmas. He said he had a long flight and was stopping over in Amsterdam. That is when I started asking when he was flyng and I said I was going to be there on the 23rd. He said that they were flying out on the 22nd.

Then I got an I'm saying "well actually..." We are going to be landing around the same time LOL. We are planning on having lunch near our gates.

More adventures for me hehe.
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