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Having a Mike's right now.

My mom has decided that for me to be able to afford a house it will have to be a mobile home. I would love to own my own home but the stereotypes keep rearing their ugly heads.

I keep thinking, have I sunk so low. But it has nothing to do with me! It is just my company pays crappy and if I want to own something this is all that is available. I have to remind myself that 10 years ago that I did not think that mobile homes were that bad of an option. But then again I was not friends with people at work who can afford $800K homes. Yeah some of the people in the company gets paid well. Just not my level and they recently got a nice chunk of LOVE from the company because "they" cant afford to live here. Who cares if people at my level make 2X less than they do. Anyway I digress....

I have looked through MLS and see that there seem to be some nice places out there. They are not the stereotypical trailer parks. I have to keep reminding myself about that. Plus I wont be losing much when the bubble bursts. Or at least I hope.

I guess I should feel lucky that the realestate market is not that great, because my next concern is that the parks would want to make a profit on the land and kick everyone out. What would I do with a mobile home then. I still have to pay rent for the land.
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