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Lovely Dream: early xmas/birthday gift

I used to have 2 cats, both I have had to put down. The last one I put down Paul turned blind in 2005 and did not take to the blindness very well. I said I would not get another cat until I was more settled in my life. At a place where I knew I was not going to go anywhere and would have time for the cat/kitten.

In the past month or so I have been missing having a cat. I miss the companionship of having a cat.


I was sitting in the living room in my childhood home. I was looking out into the backyard. My mom was out there. She came to the door and said that she had an early xmas/birthday gift for me. A black cat came inside. She of course does not like having pets indoors so I took her outside and found a place on the grass near the small mound in the back. I was thinking at the same time that I could not keep the cat outside that she would have to be inside with me.

I started petting my new cat, I was scratching her chin and neck, she starting rolling around loving it and purring up a storm. I then noticed she was not completely black, she had "V" shape around her eyes in white. I just kept petting her.

I noticed that Paul was there laying in his favorite scratching post and I started feeling guilty that I had this other cat. I said hi to Paul to which he lifted up his head.

I had two other dreams with this cat. One where she was jumping on the bed where I was sleeping looking for a place to lay down and on where I discovered a harlequin shape in red on her stomach.
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