sln1987 (sln1987) wrote,

Greetings from Hell

Because of the wonderful policies against single travelers ie. will get bumped just because they are single travelers despite the fact reservations have been made MONTHS in advance. I am stuck overnight at the Dublin airport. And the airline I am flying did not give me a boarding pass when I checked in at Glasgow airport although my bag seems to have a route set up.

Because I don't have a boarding pass or a gate I had to go through customs and get a temp visa. I can't check in for another 6 hours because they won't give boarding passes move than 3 hours before the flight so here I am sharing a tiny leather sofa with some stranger at Starbucks waiting till I can go check in. I had a nice soft booth in McDonalds that I was trying to sleep but was kicked out because it was closing for cleaning. The police are in force making sure people leave.

I doubt I will ever get to sleep now or even on the plane. I am actually waiting till we get kicked out of here. I bought a drink so I am at least ligit. I won't be flying through here again. Heathrow at least has Terminal 1 where you are safely behind security here anyone can come in and stay. Not happy at all.

I also hope the flight to SFO is not going to force me to buy my drinks or food like the short flight from Glasgow. I guess I should get some snacks and liquids just in case.
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