sln1987 (sln1987) wrote,

More Waiting

Thank you Starbucks for staying open for 24 hours so those who are waiting overnigth don't have to get up once again and find somewhere else to wait.

I think I got about 1.5 hours of sleep despite the never ending xmas music and the very loud cleaning crew that kicked out the people next door to us. The chair nazi came by telling us she has to reset the chairs and we can't put our feet/legs on the tables.

I was awake anyway. My upper back was hurting and depsite the comfort of the sofa, my hip and knee started hurting. I am dreading the flight now. If my hip and knee are hurting now then it is going to be hell on the plane.

I tried to check in but no I have to wait until 7. SFO let's me check in early but this place is stuck on ranges of time, most annoying. I am back at Starbucks again in another chair. My hip is really hurting, I guess I will be walking instead of sitting or sleeping before my flight.

I am so tired already. This is what I hate about traveling.
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