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Network is down

I called our IT people about this over an hour ago.

I was the first person to mention it.

Of course they did not believe me and gave me a ticket number saying unless others complain about this my ticket will be very low priority. WTF!!!

I have no access to email. I can't even get to me network drives to do any work. Why am I considered a low priority. What is so much higher than fixing one's network connection so they can do their job.

I often wonder if they see my job title/level when my info comes up on the screen. I am going to go out on a limb and say I am sure a manager or vp called that they would go out their was to makes sure it is resolved as quickly as possible.

I am really pissed off now. I definately not going to give this person a good mark when I get the survey asking me how I like my service.

I had something similar happen to me where I got the same thing. I am calling at 6am no one else is here. Anyway the last time I saw an IT person walk through the building and my network connection was restored. I, however, did not get a call until 2:30 pm asking about my ticket. If that other guy hadn't taken the two minuted to come over to fix it I would have been without the ability to work for the whole day.

I really hate being treated like a second class citizen just because of my title.



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