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I think I am sick. I went home last Tuesday because of a stomach thing I got sick and the continued to feel nauseous, so I went home.

I still felt nauseous for two more days but since I did not get actually sick I went to work. My stomach started hurting then too. My stomach still hurts. I took some pepto last night cause I was tired of curling up on my side all night. It was weird I could feel my stomach get coated but I could feel the pain slowly move through my small intestine.

Today my stomach still hurts. I woke up with a splitting headache and was getting chills driving into work this morning. My head feels hot, finally took a pill for the head. But I am not sure if it is hot due to the heater I am using or low circulation in my hands.

I don't know. I do know I don't want to eat away at my sick days this early in the year. Also it is Friday, I don't like calling in sick on Fridays or Mondays, it does not look good. I will try and lay low today and do internet searches on product ideas. It should keep me away from people. Might find something interesting in the process as well.
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