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Hate Itunes...or should I say the record companies

Every time I find some old music I want to buy Itunes does not have it. I was updating my Wish List for and came across a Bob Seger album I want. I picked the songs I really wanted and went to Itunes. They have 4 albums of Bob Seger's and they are all recent. They dont have any of the songs I want. Pain in the ass.

The also dont have Led Zeppelin, according to Mark Morford (who I LOVE reading). So I dont even try to look for them anymore. What is the point of Itunes if I cant get what I want.

I guess I have to blame the record companies, they wont allow them to sell those songs or albums. The fact that I would be forced to buy some sucky soundtrack to get some Morrissey songs is just plain wrong. I will just rather take my sister's CD instead and copy the song. I guess the record companies dont realize that they could make money off of this but no...they would rather sell CD's at VERY HIGH profit margins. Well they do have to pay way too much money for untalented artists. I guess it is not our fault (rolls eyes).

I just want the old 70's and 80's stuff, that is all. I could care less about what is coming out of the newbies these days. But they hold back on the good stuff, and offer remakes by terrible singers. Ugh!
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