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I have a nice lab. It is small but it suits my needs. It is set up for my height so I won't get injured.

Unfortunately there are time when I need to use a "specialized" lab to do work because regulations require it.

The one on my floor, and the only one I know of is a complete disaster. There is no counterspace for me to use at all. It is covered with clutter and ingredients, that could be put away.

I just dragged my cart with all the water, ingredients, beakers, and pipettes into this lab and found it even more of a mess.

They place where the mixer is has unlabeled bottles of product in the spot where my 5-gallon bucket needs to go. All the balances have beakers full of something or ingredient bottles on them (slightly) opened as well.

I am at a loss to why a group lab for special use is left in such a codition and how someone can just leave it like that overnight. Now I can't get my work done because there is no place to work.

Because the place is not set up for someone of my height (the top of the bench is up to my rib cage) I need to be careful when I work in there. I can't quickly whip up three batches like I can in my lab because I will get hurt.

*sigh* but they way things are going it looks like I might be in pain/recovering over this weekend.
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