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I don't know why I started drinking it. I am pretty sure it was because the area I worked in at the time was always unusually cold. I hate coffee and there was only so much hot chocolate one can drink so I settled for tea.

I never liked tea when I was younger but I started drinking the tea they served at the chinese restaurants and really liked it so I just started buying my own.

I guess it was the quality of the tea as well as the quality of the water that makes good tea. I always drink tea with filtered water. I have had it without filtering it and I have had to dump it because it tasted awful.

I started with Green Tea and have not switched. It tastes good strong as well as cold which in the beginning was how I ended up drinking it. I would make my tea and go off to do work and forget I had it. I usually remembered about an hour later. I just drank it because I did not want to waste it. I can't drink it any other way now. It is too weak.

I started out with the Bigelow green tea which I really like the green tea with lemon is good too. I currently love the Green Tea with Jasmine. The smell as soon as the hot water is just wonderful.

I have tried others mainly when my market runs out of the brand. The tea Starbucks sells is good and fits how I drink it since it takes at least an hour before the water cools down enough to not burn your mouth.

I have tried others such as Triple Leaf Tea which I really loved their green tea with jasmine. I might try others from that brand. I have had tea from GoodEarth their spice one is great.

I was disappointed with their green tea with jasmine. I did not get that smell of jasmine once it was hit with hot water and it was way too sweet tasting. I don't add any surgar or honey to my tea so it was a real turn off. Oh well live and learn.

Now off to drink my tea ;-)
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