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Had a massive headache all day yesterday. I took Ib, I took Excedrin. Nothing helped. Sleep seemed to have done something but I am wiped out and I am now feeling it come all back now. I took an Excedrin at 8:30 now I am taking another one.

I am going to try and take it easy today. Don't want to deal with much.

I don't have a fever so I can't have a sinus infection. That is what it feels like, massive pressure on my sinuses as well as my upper teeth.

No extra work today and no dealing with people. I decided that this morning. I can get info from other people if need be.

I am wondering if I am feeling the pull of this moon more this month. Ronnie sure is. He is feeling overly stretched this month. I think that is adding to my head hurting as well. I guess she is letting us know she is almost here, lol.
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