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Bought another plot last night

I really shouldn't but when I heard it was for sale, well I paniced. It was right next to ours. I was afraid of what would be put there.

My partner and I have tried to make our land as beautiful and as close to nature but with a little bit of Fae added to it.
I don't want to sound like a snob (I probably will), but there are people who have no taste. Our covenant states wooded, organic, modest homes/areas. But that does not mean someone won't put down a McMansion and surround it with Linden trees.

We HATE Linden trees. Yeah they are 1 prim but they look awful. The only time they are not blurry is when you are standing right next to them. Nothing pisses my partner more than the thought of having Linden trees next to us. The Linden ferns are nice but that is about it.

So I thought about it since Saturday morning and finally bought it before I went to bed last night. I feel better now that I won't have anything f'ugly next to us (a river separates us from the next plot) but having 2 sims and now 4 plots on another sim. I might have to believe my friend from RL and SL that I am Nuts.
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