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Food is Good

My company does medical monitoring here to see how we are doing. It is supposed to be every two years but I can't remember when my last one was.

Anyway because they take blood samples for cholesterol as well as test for other stuff I had to not eat for at least 14 hours for most accurate count.
I ate dinner about 5pm last night. I get up at 4:30 am and the nurse does not get in until 8am so I was up for almost 4 hours before I was able to eat anything.

I tried to drink my tea to give myself something but my stomach was going "why are you giving me this, I want food!" It would cramp up once it would hit my stomach, adding to my other cramps (which explained my mood swings yesterday), I was not a happy camper.

Finally gave blood at 8:30 at my appointment time and got to eat! Food certainly tastes better when you really need it. 1.5 hours to go for the other tests.

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