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Turn 40 on Friday

I am looking forward to it, and not just because I am planning on taking that day off. :-)

It is just a number, I don't know what the big fuss is all about. I got flack when I turned 30 and my boss wrote the number on the birthday announcement. "OMG! I can't believe he did that"

"Why? I asked him to"

We should be celebrating these milestones not dreading them. Long time ago women were respected, looked up to for their wisdom as they got older. I could be healthier, in better shape but I am finally after all these years comfortable in my "skin". Which is a shame having wasted all those years not being that way.

We need to celebrate our differences, our characteristics. There are too many people trying to look the same, to change themselves. Not grow old gracefully. Working in a realestate office for a retirement community I got to see the results of face lifts. You could tell who had had them because they all looked the same, esp the ones that were cheap and went to Mexico to have it done.

Anyway, where was I......

Oh yeah. 40. There are still things that I feel I am "on hold" with. Which I hate. I feel I am on the edge waiting to take the plunge but I am blocked from moving. I am hoping that will be gone in a few months.

Spiritually, I feel I have a home although I am going to pledge to myself that I am going to add a little more magick or ritual into my daily life. I am going to make a point to wake up with a good positive attitude, to think of good things and soak up the beauty that is all around me. I was doing that a little today enjoying the beauty of the way the sky looked as the sun rose in the sky as I drove into work this morning. I am not feeling as down as I would if I moaned all the time about how tired I am.

On the non-raining days I will go for a walk and soak up the nature around me. I will thank the Goddess for what she brings me everyday.

I have others but need to stop now....
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