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Had two interesting dreams last night.

The first one I had was at 9:41 pm last night. I remember waking up at that time right after it.

I barely remember it just bits, one was a large beautiful flower in a center of a cave that Ronnie and I were dancing around. There were others there sitting on rocks around us but can't remember who they were. I do remember when I woke up I was thinking "what a cool dream"

The second one I remember was before my alarm went off.

I was in a room with everyone from The Order I belong to. I was in a Ren Faire chemise and was doing up the corset. The chemise was deep dark purple and the corset was really dark blue. I was excited because I was going to announce something and I just blurted it out "I'm pregnant!"

Everyone was shocked then very happy for me. I was just beaming. I was so happy. The corset gave me the support I needed but did not restrict my belly. Sage came over to talk to me and asked if I was okay to make sure I was alright. I told her I was very happy. I then got pre-occupied with rubbing my belly. I knew I was not close to birthing yet but I was definately showing. I loved how the dress looked on me and how it draped and showed off my belly.
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