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Another profile to fill out

My sister called and said she could not find me on Facebook. *sigh*
It seems all my family is on it, I joined awhile back to get on Mark Morford's page but ended up not doing it. It has been blank for a good while. Now I have another thing I have to fill out.

I have this blog which I keep up reasonably.
I am on three different I'm services: Skype, Gchat, YM, and Windows messanger.
I have Myspace that I do nothing with.
I had a yahoo page which went away when I left dsl for comcast.
I have a flicker account for pictures
I have a YouTube page.
I now am starting to Twitter
I also have a page that is part of a Role Playing sim I participate in that has it's own blog.

I am beginning to feel stretched thin.
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