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envy and annoyance

For years I have watched them, Christians walking around with their crosses hung proudly around their necks.

Most, I am sure, knowing it is there but still with no care in the world. They are not afraid of being looked at funny, glared at, harassed, secretly talked about. Afterall it is a normal occurrence.

I on the other hand have to hide my symbol of worship or I will get harasses, called name. And this makes me jealous. I have had many beautiful pentagrams over the years, my newest is one embedded within a butterfly. I wore it to work the past couple days because I was wearing high neck shirts, today I am not. I had to leave it at home and it annoys me.

Paganism as a whole is still vilified, hated by the masses even in this enlightened age. Wicca is one of the fastest growing religions out there but still, even at events such as Pagan Pride and P-con we are get harassed or move quickly away because they are scared. Or get snide comments, which regularly happens at my yearly camping trips and "No witches don't only wear black" (idiots).

This also comes from the harassment training I had to take yesterday that has always included religion as protected but still look what is going on in NY with the Islamic center. Muslim women also asked to remove their head coverings. And they are considered on of the 3 main religions.

I just dream of one day I can wear my pentagram out in the open without fear of being singled out, for at that time it will just be seen as someone's religious preference. Nothing more.
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