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Sclerosing Large Duct Papillomata with Florid Epithelial Hyperplasia

That is the Pathology Diagnosis.

I got a summary of my pathology report. It goes on to say the following.

Florid Ductal Hyperplasia and Papillomatous Proliferation: No Immunohistochemial Support for Invasive Carcinoma

Sclerosing Adenosis: No Immunohistochemical Support for Invasive Carcinoma

I went online to look these things up to really understand what it all means. My surgeon kept emphasizing that I need to get my mammograms even more regularly. I have to figure out what that is, every 3 months or every 6 months. Probably 6 months for now since I want this scar to heal some, probably best since there are still hard areas around the scar.

Putting all those words together esp the ones in the subject heading pretty much did not have anything that was exact. I did find a neat site that had printable flash cards for breast pathology lab.

My diagnosis is on card 4. So now I know why she was stressing that I have to be diligent on my mammograms. We will see what the future hold for me, I am hoping everything in the future will continue to be caught early but Frankenstein breasts will be the small price I will have to pay I guess.
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