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Top Gear Dream

It seems that I have been having a lot of dreams about Richard Hammond. I know I have at least one a night for the past week or so. Most have been PG but there have been some that would go into the PG-13 to R rating.

Because of this I ended up dreaming this early Monday morning.

I was standing on top of a hill, I am looking down it, it is covered with tall grass. RH decides he wants to race me down the hill. I take him up on the offer and we start running down the hill. The grass is so high we cannot see over it. We are pushing the grass aside laughing as we run down this hill, jumping up occasionaly to see over the grass to see if we were still going the right way.

As we get down to the bottom of the hill we are both happy, laughing out loud. I am pretty sure I beat him. Jeremy Clarkson suddenly shows up and takes me over to the side. He pretty much tells me I have to stop. Hammond is having too much fun in these dreams that he has not been hanging around with him or James May after they complete the challenges for the show, therefore disturbing their male-bonding process.

*shakes her head*
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