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Really, did everyone need to know your response to the email update you sent.

You got the email didn't you? Who cares that you are not forward thinking enough to set up internet access to your new place before you move in. You have been in your new place for almost 2 weeks now, FFS. It is not like a college town where so many requests are coming in that they have a backlog. Who cares that the email comes late to your iPhone, you have your settings wrong then. Or maybe you should get another free email account that works better than aol.

The point person has enough emails to keep track of to keep us all informed what is going on. She can't remind herself that she must call you directly or text you directly so you can be up in the know when the rest of us are.

We are not your slaves that have to cater to your reality.

Also you posted on FB around the same time the first email came about, you could have checked the board. Someone has been posting the emails to the board. Oh yeah, you have been slacking on checking the board as well.
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