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80's Movie

I am in an 80'S movie. I am also watching it at the same time.

The movie is set in a very rich, very exclusive University. Only the very rich get in and it is alway upper-crust WASP's. There is an interview with the Dean or President of the school.

Suddenly I and a bunch of other students, mostly male, are on the streets in the University. The Dean is very upset. A Jewish male is coming onto the campus. He looks like the typical anti- Semitic (Zionistic??) male, dark skin, large nose,long frizzy hair and wearing a black robe. He is pushing a cart with luggage on it. He is gleefully telling anyone who is listening that he actually went to this school and studied photography and now his son was coming here, and he said that no one will be able to tell who he is. The Dean is so scared he is squeaking in fright.

The next thing, I am watching it all on the TV again. The show the son. He is very good looking, but has that typical 80's hair, the spicky, highlighted mullet. I turn to the person next to me and groan about the whole, horrible fashion hair of the 80's.

The next thing I know I am walking out of the dorm and walking through the campus. I was going for a run but end up walking instead. Students are walking back to the dorm because it is getting dark. I come upon a man, I don't recognize him at first. He is wearing a black hat and a plain black suit. He is walking clockwise in a circle off the path around what used to be a large stump. He is chanting something while he does this but I cannot understand it. I start to believe it is the Jewish man from earlier.

Suddenly a group of students show up, mostly male. I grab the man to protect him from them. They seem to be more interested in me and are ignoring the man. The man ends up on the side away from the crowd, surprised by this. He just stands there and watches as they surround me. One of the men from the ground yells "grab her".
I turn to run and someone tackles me to the ground. I am now sitting on this man's lap while this crowd surrounds us. I guess I faint or fall asleep but then wake still sitting on this guy's lap and surrounded by this group. I try and stand up but the guy tightens his arms around me and then the women in the group notice and start to chant as he brings me back into his lap. I am told I have to stay there until the bonding is complete.

It is then dawn and I am now allowed to leave the man's lap. Everyone seems to be out of the trance they were in. The man I am now bonded with seems very nervous. He is one of the younger professors of the University and is now afraid he will be losing his job. We all end up walling back to the Dorms but end up walking under bleachers to get there, I am walking behind him holding his hand.

During this time it becomes watching the movie mode where I am involved in flashbacks showing scenes where he was fighting off the temptation to be with me: walking down halls during orientation, me watching his lectures and both of us enjoying the fruits of our research while we stand and watch a young man getting the medicine we developed finally able to live without pain again.

The dram then stalls and ends after that.
Tags: dream
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