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List in the ten Faire dream

I am going to the Ren Faire. I have been driving for most of the day. I am showing up late. It is almost at the end of the day. I still see I have time to visit one shop where I can buy some cool outfits and say "hi" to a friend at the same time.

I first park way out of the way in a corner, behind a grocery store and start walking to where I believe is the gate to buy tickets. There is a gate that looks like a back door in but I am uncomfortable about it. A lot of people are sneaking in and running down the path. I continue walking towards the "right" gate. I come across a woman in Ren clothes, her back it toward me. She greets me and I stop and make a comment on whether I should go to the right gate or sneaking into the one that is free. She looks at me strange. I continue walking even though I see it is a far way to go.

The dream shifts. I am in the car again. I am with my sister. I am taking her to get an outfit at the Ren Faire. I am driving and we stop at a 4 way stop. We are driving on a paved road but the perpendicular road is a dirt road. I see my Ren Faire/ high school friend put something down on the corner on my right side. I tell my sister it is her and we get out of the car. She is putting down the bundle she is taking home since the Faire is almost over for the day. She is wearing here Ren Faire best with a shawl over her. She is very happy to see both of us and hug us both. She tells us to come to the shop she works at and I tell her we are planning to go straight to her. I ask since we only have 30 min till the end, if there is time, she says there is plenty of time.

She tells us to follow her and takes off. We start but wonder what to do with the car. I say my ex husband can take care of it. He gets all pissy and ends up pulling out the net that is under the driver seat and says how the fuck am I supposed to drive this. It is a big black net that looks like something to help a handicapped person into a bed or bath. He is in the net and starts moving round and an round in it. I berate him and grab the control and push one button and the net goes straight back under the seat. I berate him about how easy that was to fix. I then grab my sisters hand and start running after my friend. My sis asks if there will be enough to time and I say yes.

I start picturing my sister getting great treatment in picking out an outfit and I try to think about what I want to get. I think about the expense and try to convince myself it is okay and my ex spends much more so I deserve to treat myself once in a while.

We pay for our tickets and end up going through this convoluted area of house wears and nothing even close to Ren Faire stuff. I know I have to get through all of this to get to the actual Ren Faire booths. We run into my ex and he is carrying all these cheap knock off rattles and small drums. I huff and walk around him, I don't want to talk to him. We have a half an hour and need to be at that shop.

I see a switch back stair way and instead of using the stairway I climb up the gates and help my sister up too and we climb up to the top, sneaking our way so no one sees us trying to move up the line quickly. Once we get to the top a family with two small children barrel into us, I grab one of the kids to keep them from falling down the stairs so they do not get hurt. The family says sorry and we move on. I finally see a small sign to get to the shop. We just have to go down one narrow pathway and we are there. We still have 30 min till it ends.

We keep going down and down and down and I cannot see the booth. I know my friend is waiting for us and we are hurrying to get there but we can't seem to get to it. After more and more running I see we are on a paved road in a city and realize we are lost. I tell my sister that I am sorry and we most have missed a turn somewhere and I did not see the sign.

We cross the street and head down another street. We are watching for cars as we cross but almost get hit by one going up the wrong side of the road.

We end up on dirt road again and see a Ren Faire guy jogging so I believe we are going the right way again. I look at my sister's watch and see we still have 30 minutes. We debate on why we they need to close down so early, the sun does not set that early. They could easily close at 6 instead of 5.

Suddenly my sister becomes a guy who wants to go down back where we came because they want a drink and get drunk. I say okay. I then get berated about how I should have said no since he did not want the get drunk and how it was not good for him. We see a few people going up the hill and turn around again and walk up it.

I wake up.
Tags: dream
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