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I have a headache. I went to bed early to get rid of it. It did not work. I am very tense, tight.

I am in the dining room of the house in el cerrito. The table is covered in food and the Sunday paper. People are talking and eating and reading the paper. All the food is gone by the time I get there and the paper is all read. I am talking to Carlos to see if he is going to the dream circle. He says yes.

I find the comics at the bottom of the pile. I grab it and head over to the heater and start to read. There is a guy there and he looks at the paper in my had funny. I see I have grabbed the world sports section. I could have sworn it was the comics when I picked it up. I close it and look at him and asks if he wants it. He takes it and I search for the comics again. I find it but once again when I look inside there are no comics.

I give up and the group starts talking about playing tennis. I head to the living room and run into a few more people. I tell them we are going to play tennis. They ask if the courts are still there. I tell them they better be since we had just resurfaced them before the whole redo of the school, it would be stupid to completely replace them. The guy in the corner mentions something about saying they better be worth it with all the money spent by tax payers. I said that they were and head out the door.

I drive down a street and park my car and head to these courts. I notice there are these huge houses and see that one house has a smaller house on the lot. As I pay closer attention to the smaller houses i see they are doll houses not livable, which disappoints me because I thought it would be cool to either live in the smaller place of have the lot of houses as a family compound. There is a small dollhouse in the front too. I look at the big house and see someone riding on a swing set horse inside. I scoff and think they are all just big dollhouses.

I turn and walk back towards the street where my car is and I come across a red front facade of a house. I realize it has the same grand front facade but the rest of the house is under a hill. I am excited and tell the person next to me that I want to go inside because it is an underground house. We walk inside. It is one huge vast dome. I tell the person with me that I could live here. I am smiling as I look around. There arecaclit of people walking around. It looks like a shopping center, but it is an open house. I walk past a large grand staircase on the back right side of the house. Two gifts want to see what is on the top floors, they start climbing up the outside railings to get to the top. I decide I want to beat them up there but I will take the stairs. The stairs are beautiful marble. The first step is way off the ground but it is doable. I comment to myself wondering why the builder made such a bad error. The stairs stay marble as I continue up the different floors. I end up crawling up over an open aquarium at the top of one floor which ends ups going to some carpeted floor. I see a person from the back with long hair and a white robe vacuuming. I head towards the person saying "hello" but start backtracking once I start noticing the rooms and walls start looking like cages. The person turns around and their eyes are glowing and she starts to grab for me. I run toward the stairs and try to crawl over the aquarium so I don't fall in and notice the room becomes full of cages and the people who visited before me and all forced into these paper pushing, real estate jobs to get more people into the house. I some how start a rebellion and they start leaving their cages and we all start moving higher and higher up the stairs until we get to the top. It is open to the outside there and people are waiting for a prophecy to come true about a man coming out of the volcanic mud. Minnow knew of the prophecy. I look into the mud and start to see a face form, staring with the eyes. Then a head came out and the. The rest of the body. He has us start climbing over this vine like structure to get completely out. I start thinking about the dream circle again and wonder how Carlos would get there since it will be in Carmel, I am thinking that his girlfriend will bring him down since she has done it before. I considering driving him back since it would be a long drive to pick him back up again.

I am heading back to my car again, but end up following this couple to a harbor next to the street where my car is parked. I find my boat. It is a fishing boat but it is a car inside. I pull the boat closer to me so I can get inside to drive it. I go in through the passenger side. I put the key in and put it in reverse and the once I am out I out it in drive an drive off. I come to a fork in the stream and chose the one on the left that goes down and has more curves. It looks more fun. When I get to the bottom they boat disappears and I am jumping over railroad tracks to get to a village. A family watches me jump over the tracks and asks it I can jump over all of them. I say yes. They ask if I can take their daughter I say sure. I look up a hill to my right and notice a large statue of a God come slowly down the hill. All the women start running into the village. I take the girls hand and run as well. At one point I turn around to see if he is coming and the color changes, it gets darker and I hear a voice saying someone's name and that that person should come to them because they love them. I turn around and start trying to find a place to hide the girl. As I turn around it becomes lighter again.

We finally run into a bakery shop. The bottom floor is where the bakery is and the women beckon me in there since there is a party going on and it will be fun. I take the girl with me upstairs. There is a maternity shop on the next floor but we just pass through and head up higher and to me hopefully to the center of the house. At one point I stop and hide her under a window seat and wait to see if this statue walks by. It doesn't it stops and starts to turn around to look into the window. We are just above eye level to the statue. I grab her arm and start going through doors.

I notice the rooms become one color, either white, grey or a grey ish blue as I walk through them. The rooms all look like they have some nest in the center that I walk around to get to the next door.
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