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I am in a high school gym. There is a rally going on for the football team. Here football is golden. The team has been champions for years.
The coach's son is in the section next to the team section. He is not an athlete. He is dressed like a loner. He has friends but they are all loners as well.
The coach/father calls his son down to him. It is the son's birthday and he is making the football team sing happy birthday to him. The team does it with gusto because the coach told them to do it. The son walks off thoroughly embarrassed afterwards. The coach pulls his favorite player aside to talk to him,then sends him off and the other players to practice.
The coach then goes to an enclosed box/cart. I look inside. He has miniature fruit trees growing inside. His hobby is making fruit pasteries and will only use fruits he grows. He is a protectionist that way.
Next the favorite player is sitting on a beach with his feet almost touching the water. He is being interviewed for a sports article. Suddenly he lunges forward and starts throwing up in the water. He is throwing up the miniature fruit that I was earlier. I am guessing that the coach has poisoned him for not singing propery for his son.
He goes farther into the water and off screen to me. The reporter is running away. Either afraid of what the coach did or he is getting help.
The water starts to glow gold. The football player comes out glowing gold. I look at his face and his eyes are golden fire. He has come back reborn into something.
Another man comes up to him. At this time I take off flying to warn someone. I go up high enough so the other man can it see me, but to the golden man, he can see very far and I am like tinkerbell. I am glowing with pixie dust and he sees me like a golden star. The other man knows I have seen what happened and wants me stopped from telling anyone.
I fly as fast as I can to high rise. I am at the door and with tinkerbell trying to remember the number of the person we have to warn. Eventually we get through but end up at the house I grew up in.
I start closing all the windows and doors and locking them.when I get to the front door I see the football player. He is no longer glowing gold. He is looking normal. I recognize him though and I hear the voice of the other man talking through the neighbors intercom trying to find me.
I lock three doors which comprise of my front door. There are two lock on each door. I see the football player walking intop the fence that separates this house and the neighbor's.
Suddenly the front door opens. The man just walks in, I realize how stupid it was to lock it. He easily opened it with just his mind. I sit down in the chair in the corner across from the door.
As the man walks in the football player sulks at the threshold. The man wants to know what I saw and wants to remove the memory. He wants to keep it secret only to himself and the football player. He wants to see what I know.
I let him look into my mind. He closes his eyes and his real eyes open up to do just that.
Next thing I know I am flying in a plane with the two of them. They are looking for a hideout. I secretly hope the man did not go too deep into my mind and find out where the Island of the Amazons is. The football player wants to have an island where the sun comes up from the east.
Next thing I know I am with friends and I am holding a small metal object with a star imprinted onto it with a number in the middle. The friends want to know what it is about or if I remember getting it. I tell them "No, but I feel calmer now than before".
Tags: dream
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