sln1987 (sln1987) wrote,

Wild Dreams

Weird Wild dreams last night. It has been a while since I have remembered 3 dreams in one night.

First dream I was cleaning soap scum off of toilets, liberally spraying them will cleaning product and letting them soak. The dream morphed into me being in my childhood bedroom and being in bed with Nathan Fillion.

Second Dream I was at my job but I was at my job in the 1970's, where personal computers did not exist. I found my desk and it had a typewriter on it. I know how to use one, that is what I learned how to type with but a coworker kept trying to "show" me how to use it. I kept telling him that the paper was in crooked and he solution was to take it completely apart instead of adjusting the paper. I also met another coworker and his wife. His wife was telling me that the guy was concerned about how he will be in 30 years time. I told her that he was going to be just fine.

The third dream I was by some water. A bunch of people were celebrating the return of the water. (which is fitting since we got our first rains yesterday). The rivers were filling, but the water came from trucks but the truck were able to hold enough water to provide enough to fill large deep rivers. But suddenly the water started draining quickly and the ground/sand around the river started shifting. Reading Dune helped me realize what was happening. I rolled out of the dried river bed, and started moving away from the edge. Everyone was standing at the edge wondering what happened to the water, I was on my back and I was trying to decide if I should keep my eyes closed or not since I knew what was coming. I forced my eyes to stay open, being scared was not going to help the situation. Suddenly the worm came out of the sand and went way up into the sky. Everyone scattered and I turned over and ran as fast as I could to the rocky areas. I hoped that the worm would head to the other direction. As I got to the rocky area a head did appear out of the sand but it was a giant human head. I just remember the eyes were yellow. I ran around it and walked through the rocky formations.
Tags: dream
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