sln1987 (sln1987) wrote,


This happened between 4:30 and 7:30 this morning

I have been walking through a market, much like the ones they have in Europe, where it is a big area with lots of permanent booths owned but different folks selling stuff.

I finally get out of the market, I don't buy anything and I head over a bridge to a tree lined street/path. It is becoming dark. I come across a stuck car, small SUV. In my dream it is my father's car. A man who I am assuming is my father is sitting outside the car in a beach chair yelling insults because he is stuck, he is stuck on Fae land.

As I walk off the road and around the car to see him, I feel two nails coming out of my right foot. I pull them out of the the top of my shoe one by one, by the sharp end.

Each nail changes into a rather large sealed terrarium type object, the terrarium is also in a clear draw string bad. I look into each of them to see what is in them. In my mind I know they are curses.

The first one is a potion but it is converting back into its individual ingredients, one I recognize as hemlock.

The other is piece of hemp rope that is completely unravelled.

I start to walk away with these bags in my hand, in my mind I am told I have to take these nails and nail them into Fae land to destroy the curse. I turn back around and find the car gone and possibly the Fae land as well. It is light outside again.
Tags: dream
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