sln1987 (sln1987) wrote,

Off-site Sucked

The off-site started off as good, we have a beautiful setting, Dunsmuir Mansion. It was a sunny day, although I forgot my hat. I got a decent parking space since I was one of the first people there and also had someone carpool with me.

At the first table we had to find our name-tag. It had a color code and a team number. Looking not so good. I knew they were going to have team building activities but I was planning on leaving before that so no big deal.

The presentations ran long, as usual, the higher ups really like to hear themselves talk. At least it was interesting. The boss sat near us...when is he going to learn. Two people came late, one I have not seen in a long time but there wasnt any seats next to me, or there was one but could not get another so they had to move farther down the room.

Well after the talks they told us that we had to sit with the people on our "team". I left. I come to these things to catch up with people I dont get to see very often not to sit for an hour and eat with people I dont know, and will never see again. We all left. I was hoping to sit with my friends as well as the people who came late (Ron and Brian). My old general manager left as well but she went home sick the day before and had to go to work to catch up, which she did since she took my parking space.

I am at my sister's right now, typing this. I spend time with her Fridays helping with the kids.

The annoying thing is that I could have had a longer lunch with George today. I sent him an email telling him that. And the lunch could have been longer since it was the off-site..I would not have had to go back to work within the hour and we could have gossipped more.

Anyway no use crying over spilled milk....going to watch some VH1 classics. My sis has digital cable. :-)
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