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Busy Weekend

I am so tired right now. I dont think I really relaxed all weekend. I dont think this weekend will be any different. Although I will have worked three days instead of 5 (well 4.5). LOL!

I went to a faire with my sister, niece and nephew on Saturday. It was held by the city of Dublin. It had a few stages, some carnival rides and lots of booths from different businesses in the area. It was a nice day, not too hot.

Sunday was a long day, was out the door at 8:00 am to get to Albany for my hair appointment. My hair looks fabulous. Although now I wish I set up the appointment for Friday so my hair will still look this way for the wedding. The red molecule is large and does not stay on the hair very long and the hot pink lasts even less, but it is worth it for the time it is in my hair. After my appointment I went into my old haunts in El Cerrito, the El Cerrito Plaza. It is so different from when I was growing up. It is not a big parking lot with a small mall. There are stores around the outside as well, the old gas station is there though.

I bought 2 dresses for $43! And they both fit, and I dont have to wear nylons underneath. This Dress Barn is better than the one in Dublin. Either that of less people go so more dresses go to the 60% off rack. I just need shoes for the reception, since I learned at the Bridal Shower that the bride and maid of honor are going to be wearing flip-flops on the beach, but heals at the reception. I also need to get a bra that does not show in the back, usually wear racerbacks. So that will be tomorrow, too tired today.

The Bridal Shower was great, it was interesting meeting Mau's other friends and sister. It was not a girly shower, we did have a pink unicorn pinata although it too forever to break it down. We knocked off the head but the body had all the goodies in it so we went to hitting it like a golf ball then taking it by the legs and just tearing it apart.

We had some Mimosas and I brought The Little Valley Winery Almond Champagne. I will now have to get more of the stuff sometime soon. I was one of the last people to leave, and I did not get home till 9:30 pm. It was a long day, that is why I am tired now.

Well that does not take into account that I was running around all day today.

Thursday is the Bachlorette Party at Asia SF. It should be interesting. I am only going to take the one shot, since I dont want to have to fish out $100+ for the night, plus needing to drive home after we get back to Mau's place.
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