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Mau's Wedding was beautiful!

It was at Rodeo Beach. It was warm in Livermore and the dresses I bought were sleeveless. I looked fabulous. I used some mouse that Braid gave me and used the curl cream and then blow dried my hair. It was a nicely styled wild mess of curls when I was done. Perfect for a beach wedding because no one would be able to tell the different after it was wind blown.

I will have to thank my mom for the wool shawl that she got me when she was in England. It kept me warm for the most part. I was glad to get inside after the wedding ceremony.

The ceremony was so beautiful. I was trying not to cry since I did not know if the mascara that I was wearing was waterproof or not. The father of the bride was standing next to me and he started to cry. I would love to have a bonding ceremony like that, not necessarily get married but hand-fast. It is a way to express your love to each other but not have the baggage of an actual marriage.

The food was great, they sat the people at the right tables. I did not drink any wine but I had a sip of Jewel's husband's beer. It was pretty good. The cake was awesome. They used an IPod instead of a DJ which I think was a great idea. They danced to a Dave Matthews' song. Which is fitting for them, being such big fans.

I left about 9:30ish. I was tired. I could barely keep my eyes open when I hit San Ramon. That is the problem with waking up everyday at 4:45 am, sleeping in is till 7:00 am. I force myself to stay in bed until 8:30 this morning. Although I did wake up about 6:00. I missed George's YM's to me. Based on what I saw he wrote me at 6:30 I dont know if that was his time or mine though. He told me that our regulatory guy was hinting that he should come back into his department. It would be nice to have him back in California but I dont think that clx is the best place for him.
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