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We celebrated my anniversary today

Dave was there! I was happy about that. That made the department meeting having Dave there. I was annoyed that my boss was presenting me. I gave him the look, it should have been the manager not him. Plus he was doing the bragging thing earlier, and I hate it when I am thought of an object to brag about not as a human being. "I work with THE technicians", that is what he said.

He could have just said what projects he is currently working on. Neither Liz nor Cris said they had people working under them. Anyway I was mad. Still annoyed.

But Dave came. And he said the sweetest things. My boss just said I make good graphs and that I am so passe about them, well Yeah! Making graphs are so 1st year. I just had my tenth anniversary. If I cant make good graphs then there is something completely wrong with me.

The Regulatory guy that comes into our meetings as our liaison was looking at me strangely. Was it because parts of my hair is pink? It is faded some but maybe. Or was it something else. I know George ran into him last week. I highly doubt that my name came up. Maybe he ran into my sister in Walnut Creek. I remember seeing him fill up gas at the Shell station near where my sister used to live in Walnut Creek. There are only a few people that know I am a twin.

Part of the meeting was about our IP strategy. Which is good that we have one. The thing that annoyed me about it was that my manager was mentioning that when I working on another project that I always came up with these great ideas, thinking outside the box. Well that was because I was allowed to think, that I knew what the consumer wanted in general and I was exposed to consumer incites. These days I am delegated into the lab, never to be seen by people on the outside. How am I supposed to get the good ideas, think outside the box when I am not allowed to be at focus groups. Be exposed to consumer ideas, or ideas we are going to present to the consumer or invited to brainstorming sessions. These are where I get my ideas, and my department manager knows that!

Anyway I bitched to Dave later about it. I know my boss it going to call me on my look today as well later this week. Well I will tell him, I dont like braggers. Although he may find that out in our Meyers-Briggs class on Wednesday afternoon.

The necklace that I picked out for my anniversary is nice, but small. It looked bigger in the picture. I worked up to showing it by complaining about the lack of good gifts to choose from.

This was the second department meeting that I had today. We had a lunch meeting with the VP of R&D. He sat right next to me, actually I sat down in a place where I knew he was going to sit next to me. It was cool because he called me by my first name, and remembered that we had a technician lunch a few months back and that stuff from that meeting was used to form the different task forces for a better people strategy.
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