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Way to state the obvious

The canceled our Meyers-Briggs meeting again! I think we should just have it without our manager, either that or she should just take her work home with her. After all that is why she gets the big bucks. Supposedly she has to make a presentation.

Anyway that is not the point of this post. It is the stupid boss who decided to send an email telling us that we should plan on doing work tomorrow afternoon. Like Duh! Does he think we are so stupid that we haven't figured that out on our own. That we dont have fore thought to start thinking of work that we would like to get done. What a stupid s**t.

It is these types of things that piss me off. It shows what little faith he has in us to do our own work or to even thing for ourselves.

So this one gets tagged as well. And he wonders why I dont like him.
Tags: boss write ups
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