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First day of October

It is cold a gloomy today. I guess since it is supposed to rain on Tuesday it is okay to be this way. Although I would prefer it rain if it is like this, not just cold. I am going to have to start running the space heater in my bathroom soon. I was hoping to have to wait for that.

Soon it will be too cold to wear shorts at the gym. I will have to get some decent sweat pants soon. The ones I have are years old and the waist is too large. The tie does not tie tight enough anymore. More money to spend.

I have to get jeans as well, wearing low-rise pants for so long has made it annoying to have anyting at my waist anymore, and that is what all my jeans do, go up to my waist.

I have to get dressed and go pay rent and do other stuff as well. Dont want to, being lazy today. But I have no excuse I was lazy yesturday as well.
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