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Buy Lunapads products!

I Love the DivaCup

I saw this on the www.lunapads.com email that was sent to me recently. So I had to put this link here. I have to spread the news of these great products.

I love my Diva cup. I used the keeper for years before until it was time to replace it. The diva cup is silicone so I feel even more comfortable using it. I have said goodbye to pads and tampons long time ago. A friend sent this site to me, which made me happy esp when one of the tampons in the box I had recently bought had mold growing on it!

I never looked back and I have never been happier. I would always worry about leaks in the past, now I dont. I hated having to carry supplies with me, now I dont have to hide them in my purse, carry my purse to the bathroom, or quickly shove a pad or tampon into my pocket before anyone is looking. My heaviest days are taken care of. I can go a whole work day without having to empty it. Also it is a dream to sleep through the whole night without worries about leaking. It is so comfortable I forget it is there.

I went on a trip with a friend and her family, every two hours she was heading to the bathroom. I told her about Diva cup and sent her the website. I am trying to get my sister to use one.

I feel better not filling up the landfill and I have saved a lot of money over the years not having to go into the feminine products isle.



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