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The Boss Quit Yesturday

I could say Rejoice! But that would not be exactly true. See now there is an opening. They could replace him with someone worse!

One of the technicians was just about to cry when he told us. I dont blame her, her free ride is now gone. People are not going to take her crap. They are going to notice when she is "sick" Her attitude will have to change. She cant be rude to people anymore. It will cost her now if she does.

Now about the "worse" issue. Our department is pretty much very toxic, very dysfunctional. It is strange how much we accomplish with the crap that goes on in this department.

I was talking to a co-worker someone who I would hope to work under in this department. The subject of the toxicity came up and it all came down to the higher-ups respecting those below them. We were called "minions" by our boss and then when he was called on it he tried to get us to look up the word for us to prove to our manager that it was not a bad word.

A senior researcher came up to a few of our scientists, interrupted their conversation and told them that he saw bacteria scream and asked if they knew how. When they did not answer he told them "that any good microbiologist would know the answer". Another senior researcher was standing behind him grinning.

That said senior researcher has an office right outside the cube farm I am in. I admit our conversations get a little lively. Even when it involves work. He has been known to close his door, which he can do. We only recently learned that he calls the department manager to complain, who calls the general manager to complain who then would call our soon to be ex boss. Most of the time this ex-boss will not even tell us, he would just start micromanaging more. This senior manager could have easily just said, "hey you guys are getting a little loud, could you quite it down a bit." We would be perfectly happy with that, instead of the tattling. The guy also has a few direct reports. We had reviews recently, this guy did not do anything. Our department manager had to give one of the reviews. Their objectives for next year have not been written either. And as far as I could tell, he had plenty of time to do it. I only see him start at his computer most of the time. He is there more than I am, I hardly ever see him head off to meetings.

So I am completely afraid that they will make us work for that guy. The one who cares very little about the people under him. Although I have heard that his direct reports now report to his GM. Well who ever it is and they suck there will be a new tag: New boss write ups.

Friends of mine have husbands like my ex. It is hard to hear about them. My ex used to (well probably still does but I am not involved anymore) spend money like it was water. Then he would bitch at me for buying things: like washer and dryers, refrigerators, food. He would be spending money on bicycles for himself, clothes for himself. He bought 4 coats one time, and then went out and tried to buy another until I told him he had 4 new ones at home. He gave me the silent treatment on the way home. He would complain when I would wear his jackets and his hand-me-down shirts. Well since we had no money for me to buy clothes who else's were I supposed to wear!

I have to stop now, that was ages ago. My friends are just bringing up bad memories and I have to stop. I have to think of happier things.

Like Ren Faire this weekend! A bunch of us are going on Sunday. I think I will splurge on two things. Find a dragon tapestry and get a henna tattoo on my breast, a little butterfly. I will stop there, well I will get some food too, but that does not count. I am looking forward to it.
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