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Dreaming can be frustrating sometimes

Especially when you want to remember your dreams. Usually I am very good at remembering my dreams even remembering more than one dream a night.

Lately I have not been able to remember any of my dreams. I know I have been dreaming because at the time I wake up there is a small glimpses of it but it is then gone.

The last ones I really remember are ones that involved an issue a friend of mine has been working on. I told her about them now she is dreaming about the issue. Or at least the last time I really talked to her she mentioned having a dream about this issue. I guess I gave her my dreams on it.

Lately I have been falling asleep after work on the couch. I also am listening to music while I nap so that may be an issue with not remembering those dreams. I start concentrating on the music instead of what I had just dreamed.

Hopefully something comes up tonight. I miss not remembering my dreams. They give me something to think about during the day. They are like a friend to me and I am missing my friend.
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