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Hate Migraines

I hate waking up with a migraine esp when I am visiting a friend.

I had to talk to someone so I spent the night at a friends house, girl talk. Talked about dreams, guys, the ren faire tomorrow, etc.

I was waking up a few times during the night. I normally sleep in a king-size waterbed, it is hard to go from that to a twin mattress. I kept waking myself up when I had to turn over because I am usually afraid that I would fall out of the bed. Just me being paranoid.

Although it is amazing what waking up a lot can do to your dreams. I had a fairly lucid dream. I knew I was dreaming but I just went with the flow. I did some mind manipulation in the dream but not enough to generally take it over and see what else I could do.

Other dreams I had were confusing. I was playing soccer on a team (do not know how to play in real life) and a guy who I assumed in my dream was on the opposite team was kicking balls at me that could easily be goals if I put any effort into intercepting them. Of course I sucked at it, first did not understand why he was kicking them towards me because he was on the other team and trying to figure out how to move my feet in the right way to kick the ball was difficult. Just like me trying to play tennis in my dream, I have no confidence in my ability I never get the serve going. I keep throwing the ball up but it is never good enough to hit.

I think I got my ah-ha...I am unsure about relationships. How to go about them or even start one. The guy is trying and I just dont know how to respond.

Well that is settled. My head still hurts somewhat. I hate it. I have no caffeine in my house right now. And Ib does not work on migraines. I took a shower thinking it would work but that did not help. Thought the hot water on my neck and back would sooth the muscles but nope. Had to do laundry so I did that. It still is not fun. Last load is in the dryer. I slept a bit and it helped a bit, my eyes dont hurt anymore. I can look at lights now.

Starting to find stuff for the Ren Faire. I hope a good night sleep with make the rest of my head-ache go away. I took more Ib to see if it will help. Right now just trying to stretch. I can feel the knots in my neck and sholders. What I really need is an upper back and neck rub. Too bad I dont have anyone to do that for me. I even used other methods to get myself to relax and that did not work either.

Getting sleepy again. I may or may not go to sleep early tonight. We will see. Depends if I end up talking to anyone online or on the phone. I do have to get up early for the ren faire have to do my hair. Get my corset on myself and try and tighten it enough. I will have to get my friend to help me at the front gate. Although she did make it too tight last time. Have to be at Lachelle's by 8 am to make sure we are at the gate at openning. I wonder if they got costumes or not. I guess I will find out tomorrow, or I can go onto gmail later and see.
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