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Migraine's Gone!

WooHoo! It is only what 7ish in the evening. It started at 6:30 am. Whole day in pain not a good thing, esp on a weekend. Now I can make my bed. LOL! Washed my sheets. Was seriously considering just sleeping on the couch tonight so I did not have to make the effort to make the bed.

The chair I use in front of the computer is now broken. I use the "spokes?" as foot rests and one just broke. I guess I put too much weight on it for too long. Oh well. I was planning on replacing it. I need something with arm-rests. It is still a cool chair, my mom got it for $8 for me way back when. When I first moved into this place. It is a nice wood chair just not the best for computer work.

There is a bunch of stuff I am going to be getting rid of soon. Time to go through stuff. This small place is getting too overcrowded with stuff I dont need anymore. I am glad my mom has a huge dumpster that I can use. Also I will find ways to give away some of the stuff. If I think it is worth giving away. A lot of my clothes I dont wear I can give away.

I will probably start doing that next week.
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