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Just Got Back From The Ren Faire

Had fun. It was nice to get back to it after all these years. Got a Henna tattoo. I could not find any Dragon Tapestries but got some stripped socks, witches socks, although they were calling them Pirate socks.

I got a string of bells as well. I wanted to get another shirt since I ripped the one I have, it is under the skirt so it does not matter now. I ripped it while pulling it down after I laced up the corset. I make the thing too tight. It is fine in the morning but as the day goes on my ribs start to hurt. I loosened it up before we left. My breasts look the same so I could have had the corset looser. Oh well I will try and remember it for next time.

I am still in the outfit because I cant think of another shirt that I have that will not cover my henna tattoo, I guess I can walk around in my shirt but it is see-through so hopefully no one comes over or wants to do a video cam. It is decided I will remove the corset.

Ah much better. I can breath now. I just have to be careful about the tattoo, I want to keep the henna on until I go to bed tonight.

Downloaded Skype onto my computer so I can talk to people online. It seems to work so looking forward to doing so. I never used a web-cam so it will be interesting.
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