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Today was weird

I am so tired today. Most likely due to the Ren Faire yesterday. I did not drink enough liquids. I am pretty sure that is why I am out of sorts today.

Going to the gym was blah today. I was able to get a decent workout although did not get my heart rate up to what I should have. One of us was feeling under the weather so we did not work out as intensely as we could have. We will be walking on Wednesday and then hopefully work out in the evening on Thursday. We would like to do it at lunch that day but the CEO has set up a town hall meeting so we have to do to that. Although one of us in the group wants to ditch the meeting and go to the gym anyway.

Two of the four people in our cube farm went home sick in the morning. It sucked the energy just drops when anyone does not show up or has to leave. With two gone it was just dead. It was hard to do anything this afternoon. It was the longest afternoon I have had in a while there.

My ribs are bruised. I can see red marks along the bottom ribs. It was weird breathing today. It was as if I never was able to breath in deeply before. It felt strange all day. The slight pain in movement was weird as well, it is hard to describe. It almost felt like when you dream and your senses are heightened some what. That is what it was like today. It was weird.

I am going to use that word a lot in this post (LOL)

I wished George a happy birthday today, thanks to a slow afternoon. My friend Mike's birthday is on the 11th. I looked on my calender and remembered that George's birthday was near his. I could not remember if it was today so I backtracked on my palm and yes it is his birthday today. Sent him an email. He responded back saying he had a good day, which is good everyone should have a good day on their birthday.

I dont remember if I had a good day on my last birthday. I am sure it was okay, it wasnt bad or else I would remember that.
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