April 28th, 2014



I am riding on this cart. The track is similar to autotopia at Disneyland, except we are going through a building. There is a guy in front of me who keeps blocking me at every turn. I am getting annoyed since I want to enjoy the ride and he just wants to get in my way. I find an apportunity to pass him. I take it and go up into this room. The guy tries to block me then follows my up into the room on a parallel track. As we get into the room his cart falls onto its side and traps him. I get off of my cart as well as Charles who I did not realize is on my cart as well. We unwrap this wooden box and the leave. The other guy starts screaming for help. We do not help him we sacrifice him to the snake that is in the box.

Years later I come back to this building to capture this snake. It has gotten very large and according to the platoon that is with me, it is not too dangerous to be free even if it has never left this building. We all hide in this large cubboard, which on the inside looks like a sun room. We close all the blinds to keep it dark. There are cats on the ledges on these windows and are not pleased that we are trying to take their spots.

We all move into a kitchen where others are and make some sort of meal, mainly sandwiches. Suddenly I see that under this large round table is the snake coiled up. It is huge. It completely fills up the whole underpart of the table. I only see part of it snake because of the covering over the table.

We all vacate the room and back in the cubboard, the back wall completely opens up and we all walk out of the building. The ground is wet since we are near a marsh and beyond that an ocean. Everyone else is wearing combat boots but I am wearing slippers. I am worried about having soaked feet but I, then, notice another person in slippers and they do not seem to worry about getting wet. I step off the plank that was the wall and head out of the building like so many other people. There is a whole army stationed outside this building. All there to capture this snake.

Part of me feels like I am in a movie and one that I have seen where Tom Hanks is the hero and does end up capturing and defeating this snake but not in the building but on the beach below.

A platoon tries to go back in with some sort of chemical that has to be administered exactly on its head at a certain time in order to work. They go in, I know it won't be successful. I head towards the beach and walk along a path that is parallel to the ocean. I start to walk along it.

Next time I come near the building it is years later and has become a temple in which the snake lives. There are shops around and at one point they added a stone wall and put a robotic lion which had a large hole at the hip joint and it was circled in red. It was being worshiped as the deity of the temple and the people made a female mate for the lion. The female went into the temple and the male stayed on the outside showing the people around how it was mating with the female. Suddenly the male lion was being attacked by an unseen force which is concluded that the snake is the one attacking it. People start to run.

I realize I have to get out of this place and go to the ferry building and try and get on the boat about to leave. I skip through the line but see that those being being processed, having their papers checked, are being drugged and being taken off the boat back to the temple.

The backstory starts to play as I see some of the snake skin being used to drug these folks. I pick some up and cradle it. I made this snake. It is my baby. I picked parts of it out the ground as well as off of some rock paintings and made this snake.

I realize the snake wants me but I do not want to be drugged to see it. I jump off the deck with some other people and strap myself down onto a hovercraft. It was useless to escape since we were riding straight into 20 ft waves that surrounded this now island. We end up being pulled back and I start to fly away. Men in suits come after me. They tell me the snake wants me but I refuse to go because these men will try and drug me before hand. I want to go on my own terms.

End of dream