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Well It is Offically Fall

I had an early morning meeting to go to, which was in another building. I was blowing out steam when I breathed. The sun was out as well. It just suddenly became cold. Well at least for my point of view. I pretty much slept all day Saturday and rested on Sunday. I think I was fighting something off. I was still tired yesterday.

I dont know if has anything to do with my arms, or shoulder. My other arm is hurting now, due to the fact I am using it for my mouse. I have been avoiding the computer as much as I can here at work. It is hard since I have to write emails, read emails etc. I have to do lab work in another lab tomorrow. I hope it will be okay. My shoulder is a little better. It isnt at the 50% but it is getting there. I can turn on the computer at home to listen to music, I just have to not surf the web.

If I stay off of it I should get better. Yet here I am writing. At least here at work I have a chair with arm-rests. I dont have that at home. I am sure that is a big problem. I will replace the chair soon.

I will be buying my sister a web-cam tomorrow. She has given me the go ahead even if my b-i-l is still iffy. They can get his mother one for Christmas then she can have some contact with her grandchildren when they dont visit down south. Brandon can also talk to me when I am not there as well. With all the time I will be spending at their house over the next couple of months he may expect me to be there more than just Friday nights.

I want to go home. I am tired. I should just do it. I just have too much of a work ethic, I wont stay home unless I am so sick that I cant get out of bed. It is not the best, I should rest then I dont have to take time off another time, then I will be more 100% the rest of this week. I so just want to sleep right now.

Either that or it is the heater that is putting me in the lull. It is so freaking cold in this hallway. I do not believe that it is 70F in here. It cant be.

Lunch is over, time to go.
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