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It is bad enough that I have two migraines in a row but now my head is hurting for another reason.

I went outside to get something from my car, it is nice to know that the weather has been warm. Although I have been inside so I have not noticed.

Anyway I was in my car getting something and good old wonderful me ended up hitting my head on the door jam of the car when I was getting out. Pretty hard too. So now it hurts again. My life sucks.

I know I am blessed in many other ways, I just have to bitch about this now.

Was having weird dreams as well today. All about me staying in my house and not going out. Having guys ring my doorbell and I look through my peephole and not letting them in because I am scared. Although one of the guys was carrying a bunch of spears, shovels and other long pointy things. The handles were all fir lined as well. They all seemed to know when I there looking through the peep hole, they would look up at that exact moment. One guy did get in when I went outside because someone was cutting down the pine tree next to my house and was really annoyed at that. There was no reason to do so, the tree was prefectly healthy it wasn't even that tall. All he wanted to do was eat one of the "comfort" pies and cakes in my fridge. I asked him to cut me a piece of pie as well.

Another dream was of me being on the beach next to a boardwalk and watching a plane fly very low to the ground. It did not have one of its wings, it was a southwest plane. It then turned into a chopper. I kept repeating over and over for it to land on its wheels. It ended up doing so, so I was happy. The left wing was the one that was missing.

The chopper thing probably was reminding me of the Amber alert that happened when I went up to visit a friend. A father kidnapped his 2 year old child. It did not slow traffic up that much, which it normally does but they caught the guy right next to the end of 780 in Vallejo where I was driving. I saw the chopper fly low towards that spot and as I was driving by seeing all the cop cars next to the SUV I also saw the chopper land in the field across the way.
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