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Hiked today

It was a long hike but a good hike. It had rolling hills then as we hit the last mile it was a lot of up hill. It was grueling. I was so out of breath, but then again I was walking fast. It was good for me. I need to do it more often.

I miss being in nature. I am trying to get my sister out hiking with me. She will have to bring Heather but hey, having extra weight to carry will be good for her. She said she wanted to lose weight before her holiday picture. I will be carrying the water, although 20 pounds is more than 8 pounds.

I am doing this Holiday Challenge to make sure I dont gain any weight over the holidays. I hope they take into account be gaining muscle weight from working out.

My sister is going to Disneyland on Monday for the week I wish I could go but cant afford it. I have to save up for May's trip when we go for Brandon's birthday.

Going to a wine tasting party soon so have to get ready.
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