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There it is done

I mowed the lawn and cut back the grapevine in the backyard. Now I can relax some. My shoulder isn't hurting after that so I am glad about that.

Ah and my neighbor is back, so I finished just in time. I usually mow my lawn when she is at church. I would have been done earlier but I did not hear her leave this morning. I heard the garage door open but not close. She does not like it when the garage door is open when she is there, unless she is doing yard work. She does not like it when people can see if she is home.

She told me once when I was doing yard work, she wanted to close the garage because people could drive by and see that her car was there and she wanted to be left alone. I dont blame her on that. When I am at home I dont like people knocking on my door. There were bible pushers making rounds yesterday. Annoying as hell. The people I was hiking with got there before they made it to my house.

Can't these people just be happy with their own religion and just leave the rest of us alone. If I am not going to their church or at any church, there is a reason. They will not be able to change that reason. I am annoyed at people at work who leave the "Awake" pamphlets open in the cafeteria. It is not the place for that stuff. I dont know if it is the people who run the cafeteria or people at work. I do know that the cafeteria had a billion dollar bill up for awhile. I forget where I heard about the bill but it pissed me off ever ytime I saw it. It was gone one day, I guess someone else heard about it too and complained.

My sister had the best comment to some LDS one day. She said that "if family friends who we have known for decades could not convert us, why did they think they could?"

My dad was molested by a Baptist Minister when he was young and wanted to be trained to become a minister. Ultimate betrayal. He once commented about how he knew about how the bible's words could be manipulated. I guess that is what he was referring to. I did not hear about this until recently, my mom told me when we were in Italy. When she was trying to convert me. She found god way back when when my dad was diagnosed and then died of cancer. That was the first time she tried to push it on me. I guess she prays for us now.

Too many people have been killed and civilizations have been destroyed in HIS name. I will never be able to join on that alone. Also the fact women are weak and sinful does not help either. Why would I join something that tells me that I am responsible for original sin? That my gender is considered full of sin or evil. What is wrong with having knowledge.
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