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Happy Halloween!

We got to dress in costumes today. We had a town hall meeting so it was okay.

I dressed up as a witch. I wore two of my bell skirts together, my green and orange ones. I could not find my black one. I was sure I bought one but now I cant find it. A wore my ren faire top and I got a vest at Hot Topic to wear with the top. I wore the blue and black stripped socks as well. I kept having to pull up the socks. The were long so they went past my knee, the socks did not really have any elastic like stockings so they just kept rolling. I couple people caught me pulling the up during the meeting. Oh and Brendi gave me her witch hat that was yellow with black sparkly spiderwebs on them.

Jamie made a comment about whether I was really in costume or going as myself.*LOL* I told him that I was going as myself. *grins*

One thing about bell skirts is that they make a lot of noise because they have bells attached to the ends of the skirt. I love these skirts and I dont get to wear them enough.

I had the worst shoes though, they hurt so much when I wore them. They were too tight. I guess my sister never wore them before she handed them off to me. I should have wore them more to stretch them out but they hurt so I dont wear them. It made it hard to do work today. I just wanted to sit down. I ended up changing into my steal toed shoes. They were black and had a little orange so they matched somewhat.

Steve also made a comment to me about my outfit saying that he bet that I was more comfortable in that outfit that I am in my everyday clothes. I told him he was right. Well except for my shoes.

There was a costume contest as well as part of the meeting. I had my picture taken. They put me under the scary section. I guess they think witches are scary. *shrugs* They told me later that they did not know where to put me. I guess they should have set up a cute section because everyone commented that I looked cute and probably would have won that category. Dave even said so. He complained that I was in the scary section as well.

I will have to work extra hard tomorrow. I have some stuff that needs to be done by 10 am. Also some titrations to do and one more formulation to make for a test and titration. I guess no reading Mark Morford first thing in the morning. Have to start work right away.

The stuff for 10 am, I still need raw materials. I may actually have to call Rob and complain about one of people if I dont have a voice message tomorrow about the raws. But then again he is not responsive to requests very often unless it benefits him some way. I guess that rubs off onto his people.

I will be glad when I am done with those products then I can relax some. Once they are passed off they are not my problem. Then I can concentrate on other things. Like Mark Morford and doing special requests for people.

We did Meyers-Briggs evaluations on Monday.

I am an INFJ, seems it is rather rare. Only 2% of the population is that type. I went to look it up online. I found a message list for it so I signed up. It will be interesting to read about people who have this type. I forgot to ask the HR person if there were any other people at work who have this type. Maybe if I see here in the halls I will ask.

One of the traits is that my type is more able to express themselves emotionally by written word or other means. I find that most times I can only really express myself through songs on the radio or my Ipod. I cant seem to get them out except when I sing or hear the right songs. Which probably explains why most of my songs have an angst twist to them *LOL*

I hope to learn more and I hope my bosses will do the same. I got dinged a couple times about lack of enthusiasm and the such. The HR person stated to the dept that my "type" if they get too stressed with emotionally shut down. I will put up walls esp if I dont see that I am getting the support that I need. We may have to look over my objectives again and change a few things, or my development plan.
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