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Remember you are unique just like everyone else

I been visiting the INFJ sites. They all said about the same thing. One worried me though. It seemed very negative.

There was one rant about the whole "rare" part. I personally do not think it is wrong to want to feel different, unique. We are all unique esp at the DNA level. The only ones that are the same are the clones (twins), which I am one of them. But even twins dont have the same tastes or personalities.

It is the one reason I believe in souls and reincarnation, because every baby is different. They all act different, and this is not taught.

The week is almost over *sigh* Cant wait. I cant decide which is colder my house or the cube farm I am in. The scary thing is that it is just going to get colder.

Worked out at the gym today. Just did legs and abs. I am worried about my shoulder. I dont want to hurt it again.

It is supposed to rain soon. Hopefully when I am asleep in my bed. I dont want to be driving in it tonight.
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