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Please Mr. Eko don't be dead

You are my favorite character on the show! Well Sawyer is too, but he is a favorite for other reasons.

If you are dead, I hope you become a phantom or shadow to Locke. Then I can still see you on the show. You are much more interesting than any of the other characters. You have more depth than the other characters. You are one of the better actors as well.

And what is up with the two new characters....I can understand bringing in new characters like the Others for the whole plot to move along. But the other two who were supposedly part of the group for the past 72 days? Am I supposed to care about these people? They are just annoying, esp the guy.

I was hoping one of them was going to die. I care nothing for either of them. It hurts to watch them because they are so new. They dont seem to have any purpose.

Please come back, still be on the show. The show is going to die a little with you gone.
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