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Belly Dancing

I never knew I was so uncoordinated. *grins*

It was a fun class I just have to practice things. I can do the hip roll pretty well although I have to learn to keep my knees straight instead of moving them out.

The shoulder roll and chest roll I have to loosen up some muscles to do that properly. And the foot work, yeah have to practice that A LOT.

I am upset that I will have to miss at least one of the classes. Although it will be more to the end of the series. I am not going to miss the last class, my sis will have to get Mom to help her with that.

I guess I know what I am going to be doing on my evenings, and I have belly dancing music to practice to as well. *woohoo*

I have had these CD's forever. I bought them the last time I took a class. When I thought I could use it to seduce my husband. Boy was I wrong about that.

Well now I am doing it for myself, although I would not mind practicing in front of a guy in the future.
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