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Why cant the nice guys and girls win?

"The more devoted the woman is, the more quickly the man sobers up and becomes domineering. But the crueler and more faithless she is, the more she mistreats him, indeed the more wantonly she plays with him, the less pity she shows him, the more she arouses the man's lascivious yearning to be loved and worshiped by the woman."

~ Leopold von Sacher-Masoch, from Venus in Furs (translated by Joachim Neugroschel)

Found this on another Livejournal site. What the Hell! Does that mean I have to be mean, bitchy, cruel to have a guy fall in love with me? I have to treat them like shit to have them want to be with me?


What is wrong here? Why cant a man and a woman be nice to eachother and love eachother for who they are. Why cant the nice guys and girls win?

True I would not mind a "bad boy" but a bad boy with a heart of gold. Someone who loves me for who I am not because I beat him down. I am an nice person, I dont want to be cruel. I dont like being cruel.
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