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Midge Ure is a God

There is nothing more I can say about that. Well maybe.

I remember loving UltraVox when I was a teen. I wish I was able to go to LiveAid but no I was only 16 and my mom would not even let us watch it on tv all day. Not that I got to see UltraVox since the US feed did not show up into after they played.

I was able to watch him on the 20th DVD when it came out. It was like discovering them all over again. Finding something that I had lost for a long time. I know I request them all the time when I would go to the New Wave City club to dance to for years but just watching them "Live". It was a completely different experience.

I just wanted to eat him up. Just his persona coming out of the video. I was floored. And that voice *sigh* I got all the UltraVox I could find *within my budget*, their albums, even their VHS video on Ebay so I could have that.

I recently found his web site.http://www.midgeure.com/ I have been listening to his solo stuff. It is great stuff.

I cant wait until Friday when another band called X-perience did a cover of one of his unreleased songs *well only released via internet CD* It is a duet with Midge. The 30 seconds I have heard I love so I will be checking Itunes when I get back from my sister's on Friday. I went an ordered his internet CD as well.

I just wish it wasn't in RealMedia. I hate RM, it screws up my computer. The X-perience duet was in Windows Media so I was able to hear it.

I am making a correlation between LiveAid/Band Aid and a project I am working on and I was watching the video and UltraVox's performance again. I still want to eat him up. It is weird for me, to lust after him like this. Esp when the footage is over 20 years old.

I guess I know the good that he has done, that he is still involved with LiveAid and helped in the background for Live8. He still believes in the cause and to me that is sexy. And that voice *sigh*



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